Which make-up faux pas you should never commit?

Wrong shade of the foundation, the thick layer of powder or highlighter, run-down make-up brushes. These are only some of make-up mistakes made by young girls. Let’s see how you should take care of make-up applicators and how to use make-up cosmetics in the right way.make-up.jpg


You should never keep brushes and make-up cosmetics in the bathroom. The humidity and heat are no good for them and will cause faster bacteria proliferation. Find some dry and cold place for your cosmetics. Did you know that cosmetics kept under the lamp in the drugstore can have worse quality? This is why, while shopping, always choose the one from the back of the shelf or from the drawers. Moreover, you should clean your brushes at least once a week. Use for it cold water with soap, cleansing milk or special disinfecting liquid. Always perform make-up in the daylight. Thanks to it you will achieve beautiful and very natural look. What is more, before you buy the cosmetic, check its expiry date. Just like you would never eat something that’s past that date, you would also never use foundation of mascara, which expiry date is long gone. Remember about the make-up removal! It is extremely important for the health of your skin and the entire organism.


Choose right shade of the foundation. However, do not check its colour on the hand, but the jaw. Apply the shades closest to your skin complexion and wait a moment (some foundations oxidise and darken). In the daylight, see which of the foundations blends with skin best. You shouldn’t use dark foundations to make yourself look more tan. Use bronzer or visit a solarium. Never apply foundation on dry skin. The cosmetic will only emphasise all the imperfections and create mask effect. In the summer and spring use different shade than in the autumn and winter. It is because skin complexion changes with each season of the year, and so you should change make-up cosmetics. Just one layer of the foundation is enough to cover all imperfections and make skin complexion even. Remember to administer it thoroughly on face, neck and ear lobes.


Powder shade should match the skin complexion. It cannot be too light or too dark. Apply this cosmetic in the T-zone to mattify it and remove all excess sebum. During the day use blotting oil papers, which prevent face from shining. Apply powder with a puff or soft, wide brush; gently sweep face with it.
Always use eye concealer. This way you will cover dark circles around the eyes, bags and other skin imperfections. Match colour of this product with the foundation and your skin complexion. Choose such concealers that contain reflecting pigments.


For face contouring best are blusher and bronzer. Right contouring will slim and widen some areas of the face. Just apply small amount of the blusher that will provide you with fresh and light appearance. However, bronzer will make your tan last a bit longer or create it from the scratch. Both blusher and bronzer apply with a make-up brush with soft bristle. First from the enumerated cosmetics apply along the cheekbones, the second one – on the temples, the bridge of nose and the chin.

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