REALASHRealash eyelash growth serum stimulates eyelash growth, but mainly focuses on the first stage of their lives – the phase of intensive growth. It improves their condition and prevents excessive lash loss at the same time. It includes the following components: calamus, calendula and flax. The product effectively nourishes, strengthens and lengthens lashes. According to the information placed on the website, the manufacturer guarantees 83% longer and 79% thicker lashes. It is hard to measure. Nevertheless, women very often use a 90-day return period, because they are not satisfied with the final results.

Realash eyelash growth serum distinguishes with its appearance. The new version of the package is neat and clear. Dominated by white with mint and dark blue letters. Realash eyelash growth serum has a standard capacity. Thanks to a thin brush, 3 ml of the product lasts for several months. Aesthetic and at the same time very elegant packaging contains colourless, liquid formula.

Realash eyelash growth serum is to be used just like other products for the care of eyelashes. The application must be done in three steps. First, thoroughly wash and dry area around the eyes. Even minor cosmetic remnants may block the effects of the serum. Then, apply Realash eyelash growth serum only to the upper eyelid with a gentle stroke of the brush. The last step is your satisfaction with the results, which appear after 21-30 days. However, practice shows that one month is not enough.

What does affect this evaluation negatively?

  • Serum works mainly in the first phase of eyelash growth.
  • According to many consumers, it does not give the promised results.
  • The time when the first effects are to appear is longer than specified on the official webpage.
  • Even minor contamination can block the effects of the serum.

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