Eyelashes do the look! Length and thickness of our eyelashes has influence on the appearance of our face. Many women agree that they could give up on using foundation, especially if they have nice complexion. Lipstick is also not extremely necessary. They do not need eyeshadows, eyeliners and contouring. However, they all admit that could not do without enhanced eyelashes; it is the only way to look fresh and attractive.

Long lashes visually enlarge your eyes. They give them the desired shape and the look becomes luminous. Moreover, the way we improve the appearance of eyelashes is also very important. Full of lumps and flaking mascara only enhances flaws. If we want to look perfect, it is much better to use an effective eyelash growth serum.

A good eyelash growth serum will improve their beauty. Instead of providing curl and resilience, it straightens lashes and stiffens them. A good eyelash growth serum will emphasise our natural look. It will make lashes longer, thicker and more flexible. It is an ideal solution for those who seek long-term solutions.

Review of the best eyelash growth serums is a collection of information and assessments of a few, most popular products in recent months. They were compared in terms of effectiveness, ease of application, appearance and special features.


It is the best eyelash growth serum available on the market. The product is recommended not only by consumers but also professionals. The main task of Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow growth serum is to lengthen and thicken eyelashes. Strengthened, nourished and moisturised eyelashes from the first use. What is more, Nanolash provides resilience, shine, as well as improves curls and enhances the natural colour of hair. The product is also suitable for eyebrow treatment. Nanolash eyelash growth serum contains natural ingredients combined with advanced[…]


The product stimulates eyelash growth, which improves thickness and volume. Revitalash eyelash growth serum used regularly beautifies lashes and restores their health. The new formula of Revitalash Advanced contains active molecules, vitamins and plant extracts rich in antioxidants, including green tea, marigold, ginkgo and wheat. Natural ingredients do not mean that Revitalash is suitable for everyone. There are contraindications to its use. One of the more popular eyelash growth serum looks rather average. Revitalash serum comes in a white-dark blue cardboard box[…]


Silver eyelash growth serum from Lilash proves that magic exists. At least, such action of the serum is specified by the manufacturer. The product stimulates the growth of eyelashes and curls them. Pure formula works on the surface and within the eyelashes. It provides nourishing, moisturising and strengthening effects. As a result, eyelashes become longer and visually increase their volume. It will not be as effective for everyone. This is confirmed by numerous opinions in which Lilash eyelash growth[…]


The product is intended for the care of eyelashes and eyebrows. Quickmax serum stimulates the growth of hair, thickens it and gives eyes expressiveness. The formula of Quickmax eyelash growth serum was developed to provide complex care. Not everyone reaches such fabulous results, which are described on the official website of the product. Quickmax eyelash growth serum’s effectiveness depends on many factors – the correct application, frequency of application, the susceptibility to active ingredients. The product is based on natural ingredients that do not provide[…]


Realash eyelash growth serum stimulates eyelash growth, but mainly focuses on the first stage of their lives – the phase of intensive growth. It improves their condition and prevents excessive lash loss at the same time. It includes the following components: calamus, calendula and flax. The product effectively nourishes, strengthens and lengthens lashes. According to the information placed on the website, the manufacturer guarantees 83% longer and 79% thicker lashes. It is hard to measure. Nevertheless, women very often use a 90-day return period, because[…]


This serum is designed for people who want to have longer, thicker and stronger lashes. Thanks to special active ingredients, Long 4 Lashes growth serum improves their condition. This is an effective preparation for the growth of eyelashes. It improves their condition, lengthens and thickens. The idea is to stimulate the growth of eyelashes, even if they are completely lost, for example as a result of a disease. The effects of L4L are not so intense. It can be used also for the care of eyebrows. Long 4 Lashes growth serum has a distinctive design[…]


Without a doubt, Rapidlash products are effective. Professionals, however, do not believe that Rapidlash eyelash growth serum is the best product in this range, available on the market. This innovative formula contains patented Hexatein Complex, pumpkin seed oil and soybean oil extract. These components are designed to improve the appearance of lashes. With regular use, they will become healthier and stronger. Only after a long period time, you can notice their subtle growth. Moreover, RapidBrow is designed to thicken your eyebrows – a product of the same series[…]


An eyelash growth serum with the set of specially selected ingredients that nourishes and strengthen eyelashes. It is said that the product stimulates the growth of eyelashes and prevents excessive lash loss. However, this is not possible due to the fact that the loss of eyelashes is related to the natural course of their lives. FEG eyelash growth serum can strengthen lashes at the base and ensure maximum lifespan. After about 4 weeks of regular use of the product, lashes improve their length and recover. In the initial stage, they may fall out more than usual, but this[…]


Mavala double lash is a growth serum that comes in the form of on oil. It makes eyelashes longer, fuller and stronger. It has been developed under the supervision of the Swiss experts. It accelerates lash growth after 10 days of regular use. The formula rich in vitamins and protein, enhances eyelashes, which improves their length and provide volume. Unfortunately, opinions that can be found online do not confirm such results. Mavala Double Lash growth serum is a good nourishing and conditioning agent, but it will not work on the weakened[…]



Many of us do not devote as much time to the eyelashes as to hair care. The reasons may vary. We either believe that a mascara will good enough, or we do not have enough time for choosing skin care products and testing their effectiveness. Some people simply do not know how to take care of their eyelashes. The secret to a beautiful look is wthin our reach. We just have to know how to use it.

What you do not know about eyelashes?

The sad truth lies in this question. In general, we know very little about our eyelashes. We complain about their condition. We try to make them longer and thicker. The problem of ineffectiveness of most treatments is only one. We do not know what we are really looking for.

Eyelashes grow only on the eyelids. They have a very important task – to protect the eyes from harmful factors, such as: dirt, dust or small insects. On the upper eyelid, there are 150-250 eyelashes, and on the lower 50-150. Colours, shape, number and length of lashes is information that is stored in our genes. Hence the variations in terms of how much eyelashes we actually have.

How could hundreds of hairs be located in such a small area? Take a closer look. You will see that eyelashes are arranged in several rows. They is easy to fit, because they are thin. But their length sometimes vary. The upper are longer (8-12 mm) than those in the lower lid (6-8 mm).

In fact, eyelashes that we see are not alive. But you do not need to worry. It is only a part of the hair shaft. The bulb hidden in the hair follicle is alive. This, however, determines the most important principle of effective eyelash care.

Lashes need to be taken care of in depth!

Effective eyelash care is the one that works on the source of the problem. It lies just under the skin. Short, dull and not very glamorous eyelashes of poor condition, are the result of weakening hair roots. We cannot help it, unless we focus on strengthening the bulbs. That is why a good conditioner for eyelashes should:

  1. penetrate to the interior and work mainly on the roots of eyelashes,
  2. at the same time create protective coating on the outer of the eyelashes.

Since the secret of eyelash beauty lies in the skin, we must take care of their condition in several different ways. The best way to accelerate growth of eyelashes and improve their condition is, of course, using an eyelash growth serum. In addition, you should also take care of your diet. Hair (not only on the eyelids) will be stronger if you provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

What can contribute to worsening eyelash condition?

Even the best eyelash growth serum will not work, if it does not treat the lashes gently. There are many factors that may hurt them. This is similar as in the case of sensitive skin or hair. Beautifying means not only providing essential nutrients. the reduction of harmful factors is an equally important element.

Lashes can be damaged by many things. Remember to avoid:

  • Eyelash extensions and eyelash perm,
  • Make-up products that are not dermatologically tested,
  • Strong make-up removers,
  • Rubbing the eye area strongly,
  • Medications that can cause hair loss.

The worst that can happen to our eyelashes is a badly chosen eyelash serum. When buying this type of products, you should rely on the opinions. Useful information may be included in various rankings found online. Many manufacturers do not provide details on their websites. They often do not mention most of the contraindications. Good eyelash growth ranking is a great help when choosing the right product. Eyelash growth serums that obtain the best scores in comparisons, certainly will not hurt our eyelashes. What is important is the way of application, effects and quality of the formula.