Ranking Of The Best Lash Serums. Effective Serum For Your Lash Care

Healthy, long, thick lashes are the perfect frame for the eyes. Not every woman was naturally blessed with them, but nature sometimes needs to be helped. Check out our mini ranking to choose the best lash serum to help your lashes regain their luster and restore their protective barrier.

What is a good lash serum?

A good lash serum should feature carefully-selected ingredients that should protect the hairs from harmful environmental factors, speed up their growth, and make them long, thick, and healthy. With regular use, it can bring a huge amount of benefits. Your eyelashes will eventually become longer, thicker, and, above all, resistant to external factors.

What is good for eyelash growth?

Do you dream of long and thick eyelashes? It doesn’t have to be just a dream. Make it come true by using a good eyelash serum. An effective lash serum can make your lashes start growing much faster, and in addition, they will gain protection from hair loss and breakage. The lash-growth serums we recommend will make your eyelashes shinier, longer, and thicker. They prove a rich source of nourishing ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that effectively regenerate weak and dull lashes. A good lash serum is the foundation of proper eyelash care. Never neglect it if you want to enhance the depth of your gaze.

Ranking of great lash serums

1. Nanolash Eyelash Serum

  • PRICE: very tempting for such high quality
  • RATING: 9.5/10
  • REVIEWS: receives positive online feedback and reviews customers value its performance, easy application, and long-lasting results
  • AVAILABILITY: order it on the brand’s official website, marketplace platforms, online and regular beauty stores

Natural-looking, long lashes that impress with their phenomenal volume and intense color? You can have them too if you apply the Nanolash lash serum regularly! It is the one that delivers the most spectacular results. It is one of theĀ most often recommended serums by both regular users and beauty professionals. Just one month is enough to make your lashes 50% longer. The properly refined formula stimulates hair growth, lengthens, thickens, and darkens the lashes, and provides a strong dose of strengthening and regeneration. The active Nanolash lash serum conditions lashes, making them darker, thicker, and fuller day by day. The product application is easy, precise, and safe, all thanks to the convenient mini brush. Apply Nanolash at the lash line, and after a few seconds, the roots will absorb it and the strengthening ingredients will get activated.

2. Lashcode Eyelash Serum

  • PRICE: good value for money
  • RATING: 9.1/10
  • REVIEWS: female consumers praise it for its performance, easy application, and fast results
  • AVAILABILITY: online and regular beauty stores, brand’s website, marketplace platforms

It is a truly greatb lash serum. The serum provides ultimately longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. With the power of naturally nourishing ingredients, the eyelashes become pampered and beautified. This great lash serum was created for the most demanding women. It brings out the natural beauty of the lashes while making them thicker, darker, and longer. This is the best formula packed with conditioning ingredients, which makes it a very effective product. With daily use, the results are visible after just 3-4 weeks. The Lashcode lash serum improves the moisture level of the lashes, making them thicker and more resilient, and resistant to hair loss. Arginine, peptides, and soy and wheat germ extracts provide vitamins and minerals necessary for proper hair growth.

3. RapidLash Eyelash And Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

  • PRICE: you can find better products for this price
  • RATING: 8.7/10
  • REVIEWS: gets good online reviews but female users complain about the uncomfortable applicator
  • AVAILABILITY: online and regular beauty stores

The RapidLash lash serum is a product for not-so-demanding consumers who only care about nourishing and moisturizing their lashes. This lash serum definitely won’t lengthen or thicken them, but it can improve their condition. It works as a great makeup base. It contains various carefully selected ingredients that nourish, moisturize, and condition the lashes. RapidLash comes with a very thin brush that makes the application more pleasant. It nourishes lashes from root to end and reduces the level of lash loss. Peptides are the most important and effective ingredients in this lash serum that regenerate the lashes while the botanical extracts maintain the proper hydration.

4. Revitalash Advanced Sensitive

  • PRICE: costs a fortune which is a downside
  • RATING: 8.3/10
  • REVIEWS: female users praise it for the effects it provides but complain about the ridiculous price for this quality.
  • AVAILABILITY: you can find it both in online and regular beauty stores

This lash serum was created for owners of sensitive skin and eyes. It was developed by world-renowned ophthalmologists. The Revitalash lash serum improves the appearance and condition of the lashes using the power of botanical ingredients. Peptides, aloe vera, and amino acids deeply moisturize the lashes, condition them, and boost resilience and shine, while preventing any irritation. It provides a gentle action that is still extremely effective. It’s a very expensive lash serum, but it’s worth investing in, as it strengthens, thickens, and moisturizes the lashes.

5. FEG Eyelash Enhancer

  • PRICE: low, adequate to quality
  • RATING: 8/10
  • REVIEWS: users appreciate it for its fast results and thick consistency that doesn’t get into the eyes but they complain about short-lived effects and lash loss at the beginning of the treatment
  • AVAILABILITY: buy it online and in regular beauty stores

A recommended lash growth serum that delivers results after just 3-4 weeks of use. However, a six-week treatment is recommended for the product to reveal its full potential. The regenerative treatment is beneficial for the length, volume, and condition of the lashes. The thick consistency prevents the product from getting into the eyes. This good eyelash serum stimulates hair growth, provides protection from external factors, and ensures their inner and outer beauty.

Eyelash serum – beauty for your gaze

A good lash serum can transform the depth of your gaze. All you need to do is apply it every evening after removing your eye makeup thoroughly. With regular use, your eyelashes will become stronger and healthier than ever before! An effective lash-growth serum conditions them for the long run and ensures their deep hydration and nourishment. It will regenerate the follicles from within so that healthy and strong hairs will begin to “sprout”. Eyelash serum is the basis of proper lash care!

Top-quality ingredients can transform the look of your eyelashes for a long time. Various natural ingredients ensure their beauty and long-term regeneration. A good lash serum can beautifully complement the effect of mascara and give your lashes everything they need. Care for your eyelashes like a pro with a good eyelash serum. See how simple it can be to make them longer and thicker!