Laser Hair Removal: Is it an effective way to get rid of hair?

Summer, water, holiday break, the Sun and sunbathing are some peoples’ favorite words. However, there are also ladies who associate them with one hated activity – hair removal, which is strictly connected with skin irritation and ingrown hair. Luckily, there is one treatment that may help you forget about this problem, especially if the hair growing on your body is rather dark and thick, and this solution is laser hair removal.

To make skin smooth again

For some people body hair doesn’t appear to be a problem, whereas for others body hair seems to be a gripe, sometimes causing some hang-ups connected with the appearance. Summer is the time when we pay more attention to the bikini area. When treated with a regular razor or an electric shaver, the hair keeps growing back awfully fast, often being trapped under the epidermis causing inflammation of follicles which later transforms into nasty spots and pimples. Even though the home hair removal methods don’t cause you such (itchy) problems, still getting smooth skin happens to be pretty troublesome, time-consuming and annoying.

The idea of removing hair from the selected body areas permanently is an amazing vision, isn’t it? This is exactly why laser hair removal treatment enjoys growing popularity. This treatment performed with the use of a special laser device in a professional beauty salon is a perfect way to get rid of unwanted hair… for good!

How does laser hair removal treatment look like?

Laser hair removal is actually called photoepilation. The effects delivered are long-lasting, even permanent. A series of treatments (some people need 3-4 treatments, whereas others may need even more, which depends on the hair follicles) makes it possible for you to reduce body hair permanently in a safe and convenient way.

The whole procedure is pretty simple: a beam of light concentrates on a hair bulb and destroys it. Apart from the bulb, the laser also destroys the hair matrix which is a living part of the hair. Thanks to this, it’s almost impossible for the hair to grow back.

New generation of lasers

Laser hair removal is recommended by the experts and dermatologists. The present-day devices allow a beautician not only to change the intensity of the light used for the procedure but also nowadays the effects are permanent even for light hair (it was an issue some time ago). On top of that, the treatment performed in the professional clinics isn’t that painful any longer because the laser eliminates the risk of burns.

One of the top-notch and innovative laser hair removal devices is LightSheer Desire – a product by the word-famous Lumenis brand. It’s the fastest and the most effective laser ensuring precision in permanent hair removal. Photoepilation carried out with LightSheer Desire is a series of treatments targeting body hair to eliminate it completely. This procedure is found painless and is safe even for those with pale complexion and delicate skin.

Innovative laser technology to remove hair

The latest devices are equipped with the advanced technology of hair removal, which is known as High Speed Integrated Technology. Simply put, this technology allows the beautician not only to work on a relatively big skin area but also it generates a kind of negative pressure that sucks the skin into the laser-emitting head. This ensures fast and effective hair removal from wider body parts without causing great pain or discomfort.

Owing to this solution the laser reaches deeper and the delicate vacuuming of the skin ensures better effects achieved with a reduced portion of energy. When carried out correctly, a series of treatments removes up to 96% of body hair permanently.

The modern hair removal devices are designed in such a way to maximally reduce the discomfort (i.e. pain) that light exposure may cause. Nowadays the devices come with a cooling system that relieves the pain during the treatment and soothes the skin exposed to the laser. Did you know that the latest devices used for hair removal are able to get you smooth armpits within less than a minute? This is a record that no razor is able to beat.

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