How to correctly perform eyes and lips make-up?

Three mascara layers, bright eye shadows and chapped lips? These are just some of the beauty fails you may experience. Read the text below and find out how to avoid them. See also, how should proper eye and lips make-up look like.make-up.jpg


To emphasise eyebrows use a tone lighter cosmetic than their natural colour. With its use draw small lines that will imitate hair. Try to be precise when underlining the contour of brow ridge. Pencils and eye shadows must be blend carefully to achieve the most natural effect possible. Moreover, the mascara replace approximately every three months. The old cosmetic can become a habitat for bacteria and germs. What is more, in such mascara are created lumps and its formula dries out. Apply only one layer of the mascara. Clumped eyelashes and imprints on eyelids will only make you look older. What is more, it is not recommended to use waterproof mascara on the daily basis. Why? This type of product is really difficult to remove, even with the best bi-phase make-up remover. During make-up removal you will weaken eyelashes and irritate the skin around the eyes. If you want your eyelashes to be curled and at the same time highlight the eyes, use an eyelash curler. Nonetheless, remember to first use the gadget, only then the cosmetic.


With eye pencil, eye shadow or eye liner draw a line along the lashes root line. If you are not satisfied with the final effect, remove it and start over. Do not try to fix the old line just for the principle – this way you can cover the entire eyelid with it. It is also wrong to outline the entire eye with black eye liner. The consequences? Eyes will seem smaller, and you will look drowsy. Always take into consideration that the line is made differently for eyes that are deeply placed in the eye sockets, and for the one that are widely set. Nonetheless, classic line will work for everyone. Never choose eye shadows in the colour of the iris. Avoid also highly pigmented cosmetics – these are very difficult to rub and blend with other products. What is more, eye shadows in dark shades can often give an effect of fatigued look. Use it carefully.


Do not apply lipsticks and lip glosses on chapped and irritated lips. Do not be afraid to use lip liner. If you choose right colour, the final make-up effect will be stunning. Remember that the cosmetic should match in its colour, the lips and other colours used for make-up. When buying lipstick, choose such shade that can optically whiten your teeth.

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