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How to…? Exfoliating the skin in autumn

Autumn is a perfect time for exfoliating the skin. Use exfoliating scrubs and acids. Remember about regular skin care and you will definitely look young and beautiful. Check how to remove dead skin cells, which products to use and how to exfoliate the skin.skin-care.jpg

The best exfoliating cosmetics contain AHA and BHA acids

You can use such products at home. But keep in mind that the density of the acid should be low. Otherwise, you can irritate and burn your skin. Use exfoliating products every two or three days. If you add vitamin C, the effect will be even better. You will lighten discolouration, smooth the wrinkles and cleanse skin pores. You should see first results after more or less two weeks of fruit acids treatment.

Choose fruit acids that are suitable for your skin type so the effects of the treatment will be much better. If you have greasy skin and struggle with acne and blackheads, use salicylic, pyruvic or retinoic acid. These substances control work of sebaceous glands, enhance healing of wounds and cleanse skin pores. Glycolic, lactic and mandelic acids will be the best for dry and sensitive skin. Mandelic acid can be applied even in summer. If you want to lighten discoloured skin, try out phytic or kojic acid. Pyruvic or TCA acids may also come in useful. Retinoids offer soothing and rejuvenating action.

How to exfoliate the skin at home?

Choose cosmetic with a relatively low density of acids. Remove make-up thoroughly and wipe your face with an alcohol-based product. When it evaporates, remove dead skin cells with a coarse-grained scrub. Then, apply a product with acids and to finish the treatment – a neutraliser. If you don’t have a soothing cosmetic, feel free to use a moisturising mask. Do the treatment a few times a week.

Obviously, acids that are used in beauty salons deliver better effects. On the other hand, such products cause strong peeling and may lead to redness. What is more, an experienced beautician will pick suitable cosmetics and will surely help you deal with skin imperfections. Bear in mind that acids in beauty salons have higher density and work in deeper portions of the skin.

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