How to remove dry patches from your facial skin?

Dry patches are a problem of many girls. Lack of proper hydration, poor diet or maybe a dermatological disease. Check, why your facial skin flakes and how to cure it. Learn the best methods of dry skin care and the components that will help you. beauty.jpg
Let’s start!

Dry patches can appear in the form of small dry pieces of skin or larger, flaky areas that are red and itchy. They can be the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema or atopic dermatitis. On the other hand, they can also be the sign of allergic reaction to food, cosmetics or the fabric your clothes are made of. Dry patches also appear when your body is dehydrated, as an effect of inappropriate care or a prolonged stay in air-conditioned rooms. Before you begin your treatment, see whether you: drink enough water, eat foods rich in vegetable fats, properly moisturise your skin, protect your face from UV radiation or low temperatures.

How to overcome dry patches?

There are a few ways worth trying out. First of all, for washing your face, use preparations designed for the care of sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Such cosmetics have moisturising and soothing effects. Avoid using ordinary soaps (those can irritate and over-dry your skin) as well as products with the content of SLS and alcohol. During the treatment, you cannot use a mattifying foundation and powder, especially on those places, where you have dry patches. Additionally, limit the use of loose coloured cosmetics, including eyeshadows. You should also give up the use of preparations with the content of acids. Even though, they have exfoliating effects and could easily get rid of flaky skin, they might as well cause irritations and redness. However, you can perform a gentle facial scrub, a good solution is to use enzymatic peels that do not contain abrasive particles. Additionally, you ought to use (regularly) moisturising toners, hydrolates or creams. For your complexion, the best will be: cosmetic butters and oils, vitamins A and E, vaseline, beeswax, panthenol, betulin, hyaluronic acid.

What to eat to have beautiful skin? 

Moisturising is the key! Drink at least 1,5 litre of stil, mineral water every day. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. In your diet, include products rich in fatty acids. Those can be found in: walnuts, avocado, oily fish, olive oil, flaxseed oil, canola oil. Eat fruits and vegetables in which you will find lots of vitamins and elements essential for improving the condition of your skin.

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