Before you visit solarium for the first time… All you have to know

If you often wonder how to preserve your summer suntan, then after getting acquainted with this article you’ll finally find the answer. You’ll no longer need any self-tanning body lotions. Are you surprised? Suffice it’s to visit a solarium once a week. Just after a few sessions you’ll be enjoying your brown-and-gold skin.solarium.jpg

Your first time at solarium? Prepare yourself wisely

If you care for even tan, make a body scrub one day before visiting the beauty parlour. Thanks to that, you’ll remove dead epidermis cells and all impurities that gathered on your body skin surface. On the tan-day, don’t apply antiperspirants nor perfumes and remove the make-up very precisely. Ask a beautician to help you with both setting length of the session and choosing a tanning bed. Next, put on a protective tanning glasses and apply special cosmetics. Once the session is over, clean the tanning bed and leave the place in order. Once a day use moisture-delivering cosmetics. The last piece of information that is important, the first session of exposing your body to artificial sun shouldn’t last longer than 5-8 minutes.

What are the effects of getting tanned at solarium?

In a some magic way tan can make you look slimmer, it’s able to even body skin tone and guarantees attractive look. Furthermore, light stimulates brain to produce endorphins which has its consequence in putting a person in a good mood. Moreover, while tanning, the human organism generates vitamin D, which is known for being extremely beneficial. What’s more, use of solarium is known for stimulating nitrogen oxide production. This substance lowers blood pressure and improves its circulation.

What more should you know about solarium?

The optimal length of a single session equals 8-12 minutes. There should be 24 or 48 hours break between the sessions. If you would like to get pretty and healthy tan, just two or three sessions are enough. In order to obtain brown or olive-like shade of skin, you should visit solarium once a week.

Facts and myths about tanning at solarium

Remember to apply professional cosmetics. They’ll help you get pretty tan as they prevent burnings. Don’t apply products that are designed for taking natural sun baths. What’s more, using solarium won’t rather help you conquer acne. Better solution in this case pose medications that are prescribed by a dermatologist. Wise tanning won’t harm your skin. In fact, it’ll work the other way round; it’ll gift your skin with good look. On the other hand, it isn’t true that the longer process of tanning, the better outcomes are gained.

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