Effective Hair Oil Treatment. How to Do It to See Amazing Results?

Hair-loving girls know the hair oil treatment very well. They know all of the tricks and secrets of the effective hair care with oils. Would you like to know the right method?

Many people think that oils have no nutritional value and that all such products can do is make the hair greasy. They couldn’t be more wrong – natural hair oils are the source of many vitamins, antioxidants, phytosterols, minerals and, most of all, EFA, or essential fatty acids. Thanks to such a diversity of ingredients, they don’t only nourish, moisturise and strengthen but also enhance faster growth, reduce oiliness, soothe irritation, make detangling easier and even ensure heat protection.

1. Set your haircare goal!

At first, you should ask yourself the key question: why and what do I need hair oiling for? The method is truly effective but without setting the goals, you won’t be able to trace the progress. Before reaching for hair oils, think what your hair needs. There are different oils for the repair, for faster growth or for smoothing and shine-boosting.

2. Choose the right hair oil!

The choice of the proper product is one of the two most important things. Let’s define the best oil for the hair type. If hair is thin and weak, you go for lightweight oils with the majority of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are the best for strengthening without weighing-down. Thicker and harder-to-style hairdos work with rich plant butters that are rich in saturated fatty acids. If you have a problem choosing the right oil for your hair type, get a ready-made oil that matches the specific hair porosity (which is crucial here).

3. Go for one method!

The right oil isn’t the only thing you need for the success. The hair oiling method matters, too. Dry hair oiling, wet hair oiling, oiling in a bowl, hot oil treatment, oiling before or after washing, overnight hair oil treatment – which one to choose? You can combine methods the way you like to get the best effects. Remember that oils work more effectively when you apply them to wet hair because their absorption is better. Is it possible to define the best oiling technique right away? Sadly, you must look for it with the error and trial method.

4. Oil your hair regularly!

Regularity is the last thing we must pay attention to. Oils don’t give instant effects and you must keep using them to see the improvement. The results are worth waiting for because they are long-term. The improvement isn’t just on the outside. Oils help from within. How often to use oils? Doing it with every hair wash seems to be optimal.