Every woman’s friend: the concealer. How to use it?

Way to a fresh and radiant appearance no matter the situation? You do not have to worry about the occasion, weather, time of the day and other aspects, when you have at hand high quality concealer. Correctly performed make-up is able to cover a lot and highlight even more. You just have to know how to use the concealer?concealer.jpg

Frequently appearing doubt among women – why do I need concealer if I have the foundation? Unfortunately even the best foundation is not able to cover everything. Here comes the concealer, that can be applied locally. It is best for spots, redness, dark circles around eyes, discolourations and spider veins. It all can be hidden with, so called camouflage, i.e. concealer in right colour.

  • Nude concealer is a perfect way to cover all minor acne scaring, spots, scars or widen pores. Beige concealer in cream or semi-liquid pen is great for depigmentation. However, this one has to be a tone lighter than the foundation.
  • Green concealer works best on redness. These can be spider veins or small red spots. You just have to apply green concealer in the area where problem appears – in case of spider veins these areas are usually on nose and chin, but on spots just apply it in dots.
  • Yellow concealer is nothing else but eye concealer that covers violet changes. Dark circles around the eyes and bags are best to camouflage with yellow concealer as well. You can also apply it in the eye corners, where dark spots are also easy to observe.
  • Pink concealer is not the same as the cream blusher. It can be used on green-like bruises and in areas where the skin is dull. Pink colour in great way refreshes and optically makes skin younger.
  • Violet concealer eliminates yellow spots. It is not used as often as beige or green colour, because not many people have yellow spots. Concealer in violet shade will cover all yellowing skin and some scars.
  • White concealer is perfect for highlighting, e.g. fatigued skin around eyes. It does not need to be snow white, because then it will be more difficult to cover. For highlighting is suitable concealer in light beige shade or the one with pigments that will reflect the light.

Worth knowing!

Never apply concealer with your fingertips, because more of it will stay on the fingers than on the skin. To apply this product use small, clean brush or a spatula. Thanks to it the entire cosmetic will get on to the face and more effectively conceal the imperfections. There are two techniques for application of the concealer. Some make-up artists recommend to apply it prior to foundation, while other suggest to apply it afterwards. This is entirely up to you. What’s important is to tap in the cosmetic with a brush, so that it blend with skin.

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