Unicorn Eyeliner – truly magical version of the eyeliner

When this black eyeliner starts to get boring, and you want to achieve new level in make-up, you may find “unicorn eyeliner” just the thing you need. This is a solution on the edge of artistic and everyday make-up. It will be particularly liked by all the unicorn fans. This make-up will delight everyone from the kids party to a New Year’s Eve. What is the “unicorn eyeliner?unicorn-eyeliner.jpg

The Unicorn is a fantastic creature that appears in many myths and legends. It is usually presented as a horse with a horn in the middle of its forehead. Today unicorns are associated with fables. Their image is highly sweet – they have rainbow mane, horns and wings.

For several years now, unicorns are present not only in the children’s imagination, but also thousands of gadgets for an adults. Unicorn fashion spreads across the world with the lightning speed. We now have unicorn hair, make-up brushes that look like unicorn horn, unicorns on the mugs, t-shirts, caps and cosmetics.

The hot trend of past few weeks is “unicorn eyeliner”, or rainbow eyeliner. Visually it refers to the knotted as gimlet horn of the unicorn. From the standard line it differs with very intense colours, such as: violet, blue, yellow, white and shades of pink. The fabulous version of cat’s eye will delight every fan of this magical creature.

How to perform “unicorn eyeliner” make-up?

The most important are fine eyeliners in various colours. Best are these with a brush or a pen. Why? These are the best to create precise twisted line. In the “unicorn eyeliner” it is all about the imagination executed with the surgeon precision. You can always try to perform this make-up with colourful and creamy eye shadows and thin brush. What else will you need for “unicorn eyeliner”? Most of all patience, precision and skill in use of the eyeliner.

Focus on the colours you are about to use. Unicorns are magical and colourful creatures, so the make-up needs to be equally colourful. In the external eye corner it is best to use violet eye shadow and highlight the centre of the eyelid. However, the most important is “unicorn eyeliner”, i.e. twisted, rainbow and expressively ended line. You can combine two eyeliners or more. It can be thin or thick, more or less upwards. Nonetheless, always it should have sharp end, as the true horn supposed to be.

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