Suitable make-up and hairstyle for the office

Air-conditioner. It is in every office. It cools you down in summer and delivers pleasant warmth in winter. Nevertheless, it generates dry air which is harmful to our skin and hair. Check how to survive eight hours at work and take care of the skin of your face and body as well as hair and scalp. skin-and-hair-care.jpg

Body skin

After a morning shower, moisturise the skin in a way that will keep it in good condition until the evening. You will treat it to a nourishing and repairing treatment again in the evening. In autumn and winter, do an exfoliating scrub at least once a week. It will remove dead skin cells, lighten discolouration, smooth the skin and improve blood circulation. Remember to exfoliate the elbows, knees and heels – the places where the skin is very thick. After the treatment, don’t forget to massage a balm, oil or butter into the skin. It is hard to condition the whole body at work. All you need to do is wear natural-fabric and airy clothes, and change heavy and thick boots into light and comfortable shoes.

Face skin

Your appearance is very important at work. The skin should be well-kept whereas the make-up – delicate and natural. Remember about a moisturiser or sunscreen cosmetic before leaving home. Cleanse your skin with light products which provide natural pH. How to put on office make-up? Use BB creams instead of foundation. Avoid applying thick layers of foundation and powder or you will scare all your clients away. Use products which beautify your skin as well as help to heal acne or get rid of peeling epidermis.

Hair care

Air-conditioning is the most harmful to your hair. It gets dry and dull quickly. Use moisturising mists or cosmetic oils both at home and work. Apply products which are rich in ceramides, panthenol and plant extracts. If it is possible, wear your hair loose. Do hair oiling at least once in two weeks; use masks and conditioners. Ask your hairdresser for a special moisturising treatment. Trim hair ends regularly, cut down on dryers and give up on hair colouring.

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