Remedy for beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows? Nanolash Eyelash Serum

Nanolash - eyelash serumDo you know what makes your lashes and brows weak? Most women don’t know the rules that they should follow in eyelash and eyebrow care. Have you heard about Nanolash Eyelash Serum which enhances lash growth? If not, it is high time to try it out.

You might have been wondering about the amount of hair or lashes you have. There is no point in counting because there are lots of them. Scientists have come up with the following numbers: 200 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and up to 150 on the lower lid. How is it possible that they all fit in around one eye? They simply come in three rows.

Due to the large amount of eyelashes, we don’t even notice that we lose 1-2 hairs almost every day. It is a perfectly natural process connected with the cycle of lash life. A new eyelash comes in a place of the one that died. The problem begins when the condition of eyelashes starts to weaken. They start to fall out in excess and become brittle.

What can weaken lashes and brows?

  • improperly chosen cosmetics (too strong or causing allergic reaction)
  • intensive extension of lashes (too often; improperly performed treatment)
  • eyelash curler (too often and improper use)
  • poor make-up removal (bad cosmetics, too energetic rubbing or lack of make-up removal)
  • poor diet (short of nutrients)
  • allergic reaction (e.g. to spring pollens)
  • mechanical damage (e.g. while applying lens)

You have a solution at your fingertips. Reach out for Nanolash Eyelash Serum. It is a product which takes care of all lashes, regardless of their condition. It will help to restore good shape of weak eyelashes. In case of healthy lashes, it will make them beautiful.

  1. It extends eyelashes up to 50% of their original length.
  2. It thickens each and every lash from the root to the end.
  3. It makes brows and lash line thicker (also darker).
  4. It nourishes and regenerates hairs.

It is a strongly concentrated product. Beneficial action of several active ingredients has been captured in 3 ml packaging. Nanolash eyelash serum works because it offers natural and perfectly chosen ingredients. Therefore, stimulation of lash growth is effective. The serum contains natural ingredients, including plant extracts which speed up the action.
Nanolash eyelash serum aims to fight the cause of the problem. Weak lashes and brows are connected with poor condition of hair bulbs. Precise applicator in form of a thin brush allows to apply the serum directly to the roots of lashes. Active ingredients penetrate into the hair follicle faster and bring better effects. It may sound complicated but it provides best action and the application takes very little time. However, remember about being regular and cleansing eye area before the application of Nanolash eyelash serum.
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