How to quickly and effectively deal with beauty fails in the office?

Perfect outfit, subtle make-up, elegant manicure, and suddenly… a run in your tights, dry skin on your face or smudged make-up. Are you going to break down and cry or do something about it? You can deal with any beauty fail. Even if you sit at the desk all day

Sudden runny nose or allergy?

You don’t need a sick leave. Do an inhalation: pour a few drops of mint oil. Breathe in the aromatic steam for a few minutes and the symptoms will ease off. Taking pharmaceuticals is recommended. Keep in mind that when you struggle with rhinitis, you need a suitable make-up. The skin is red and irritated so use covering foundation, powders and moisturisers.

Rough hands, dry face skin or other imperfections?

Vitamin A ointment is going to help. You may as well replace it with a regular cream. But you must admit that an ointment offers far better healing properties. Use it as often as needed. You can also apply the product with vitamin A every evening to improve skin elasticity, lighten discoloured skin and improve condition of your complexion.

Do you know that you can apply make-up with one product?

For example, a lip gloss can work as a blusher, eye shadow or highlighter. You can make use of a bronzer, vaseline or face contouring cosmetics in a similar way. However, you may not need to do it as every woman carries a few basic coloured cosmetics in her bag. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t borrow some products from your colleagues. After all, everyone has a different skin type.

Can you believe that nail polish can be used for some more purposes than manicure? Apply it to a run in your tights to stop it from spreading. Some women take an extra pair of stocking to work. Forewarned is forearmed.

How to make your favourite fragrance more long-lasting?

Before spraying the perfume, apply a greasy cream or jojoba oil onto your wrists, skin behind ears and bends of arms and legs. These two products have the ability to extend the durability of your perfume, mist or eau de toilette. Do you know that jojoba oil is used in production of perfume? It preserves the aroma and is an ideal basis for perfume. Remember not to apply perfume to hair or clothes. Why? Itwill smudge your clothes and make hair dry.

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