Don’t stress! Can stress be harmful to your beauty?

When someone is telling you to “not stress”, it sounds pointless, because it is not backed up with any argument. It is frequently repeated by parents to their children, teachers to the students, physicians to their patients. Usually we do not give it any benefit of the doubt, because how in earth can we manage the stress? Take a different perspective. Stress has unfavourable impact not only on our health, but also beauty. This is motivation enough to start preventing it.skincare.jpg

In psychology, stress is defined as a lack of balance between what requires given situation and our ability to cope and adapt in order to handle the problem. It is common thing, because over 90% people claims that they feel stressed. Most of all, we have weak resistance to stress causing factors. The most common stress symptoms are long lasting fatigue, irritation, increased anger or general issues with concentration.

The manual says that:

Moderate stress is beneficial physiological mechanism shaped in the course of evolution, to increase efficiency. When you feel stress, to your blood are thrown three hormones: epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol. It makes you have more energy and strength.

Sadly, excess amount of stress has unfavourable impact on mood, health and… beauty!

The stress impact on beauty

Long lasting stress causes reactions in your organism that have damaging impact. Stress causes creation of free radicals, that attack many cells in the organism. Their overflow makes skin lose elasticity and right level of hydration. As a result of chronic stress, skin becomes thin, loose and depigmented.

In cosmetology to describe rough, dull and dry skin is used phrase “stressed skin”. In fact stress speeds up skin ageing. For this reason skin becomes matte, dull and visibly depigmented. Depigmentation is very often an effect of excess subjection to stress, just like premature wrinkles or worsening of the existing one.

Stress disrupts processes in cells. Incorrect work of circulatory system has direct influence on worse nourishment. The cells faster excrete metabolic products, than get the right dose of nutrients. The result are, e.g. dark circles around eyes. Normal and dry skin becomes dry and dehydrated, while oily skin suffers from inflammations. These are also much more tiresome, because stress inhibits healing processes of skin changes.

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