Spectacular Multi-Tonal Colouring With Thermal Highlighting Foam Strips!

highlighting foam strips

Spectacular Multi-Tonal Colouring With Thermal Highlighting Foam Strips!
The right hairdressing accessories are the basis for spectacular colouring. Highlighting Foam Strips for multi-layered hair colouring are gaining worldwide popularity. The innovative foam strips allow you to perform a quick and efficient colouring without wasting time.

Multi-tonal hair colouring is tiresome and time-consuming. The professional strips by the Maltese ColorCuts brand successfully replace unsightly and rustling aluminium foil. They are pre-cut and ready to use. The dimensions are 100×305 mm, enough to colour even very long hair. Impractical aluminium foil has been the bane of hairdressers for ages – failed colouring and damaged and weak hair in poor condition. Go for the perfect strips that can earn you loads of satisfied customers.

ColorCuts hair colouring and highlighting strips

Perfect for professional colourists and stylists, these strips can change multi-tonal hair colouring once and for all. With these, you can easily create striking sombre, ombre, balayage, highlights or highlights. The top-quality strips are 80% recycled and reusable. The biodegradable strips have been created in tune with the zero-waste concept. After use, wash them in the washing machine and reuse them – they won’t lose their quality.

highlighting foam strips

The strips don’t slip or slide on the hair. Although they are glue-free, they get a strong grip in contact with moisture from the colouring products. They are the best assistants in multi-layered colouring and the perfect alternative to non-durable and impractical foil. You don’t have to waste time on tiresome preparation and cutting of strips. These strips are ready to help you!

Practical foam strips for multi-layered colouring

Highlighting Foam Strips are made of lightweight and thermal material that works easily both on long and short hair. They wow with a range of colours that make your job easier – no need to worry about mixing up the multiple tones applied. In addition, the beautiful colours make the treatment much more enjoyable and make your customers feel luxurious. The durability and precision of the foam strips allow achieving an even and stunning effect throughout the hair. The unique polystyrene foam strips prevent the colouring products from running off the hair. No need to fold the edges as the strips hold the colour in.

highlighting foam strips

The beautiful and eye-catching look of the strips can’t be matched by aluminium and their durability allow precise application of colour from the roots. The flexibility and size of the strips are properly prepared so you don’t have to trim them. The strips don’t pull on the hair during removal, which prevents mechanical damage. They ensure air circulation between the layers – each strip keeps the heat inside for a more intense colouring result. For maximum comfort, the strips remain cool to the touch.

ColorCuts colouring strips are environmentally friendly, recyclable and can be reused after washing. Their top-quality and effectiveness mean that a pack lasts for up to 800 applications! High hygiene and quality guarantee a faster and perfect colouring procedure. Go for the innovative Highlighting Foam Strips in your salon! Learn more about the product: www.colorcuts.mt.