Chia, goji, noni – exotic ingredients for beautiful skin

To most people, their names do not mean much, though chia seeds are gaining on popularity. We usually add them to cocktails as a nutritious extra ingredient. Chia seeds as well as goji berry and noni exotic fruit are worth to remember about. What is more, you should think about including them in your everyday care.skincare.jpg

These are the seeds that hold the most nourishing ingredients. Why are we so sure? That’s simple logic. Since a single, tiny seed can grow into fully-fledged plant, then there must be hidden the set of necessary for the growth substance. After all, there is a good reason for vegetable oils, so valued in cosmetology, to be also obtained from seeds. Whole secret of effective conditioning can be locked in a pip or a fruit, that holds the pip.

Goji berry, noni and chia seeds in conditioning? This is not a mistake. It is enough to just take a look at the precious nourishing ingredients in these exotic fruits and seeds to understand why you want to buy them. If you can make a face mask with a cucumber, then why shouldn’t you try something more exotic? You won’t regret it!

Chia seeds – protection for the skin

Tiny seeds of Salvia hispanica are in fact also called chia. These are valued for their high content of omega-3, vitamins and mineral salts. In cosmetology is most frequently used cold pressed oil obtained from chia seeds, though you can use the entire seeds. You just have to crush them in the mortar and make of it, e.g. face mask. What are the properties of chia seeds?

  • They take care of proper skin hydration and prevent water loss.
  • Improve protective barrier and make skin more resilient.
  • Flatten wrinkles thanks to lipoic and linolenic acids.
  • They regenerate skin, tighten pores and have anti-inflammatory action.
  • Eliminate harmful to skin free radicals.

Goji berry – radiant skin and smoother

Red goji berries are true diversity of nourishing substances. These are extremely rich in minerals, anti-oxidants and beta-carotene. Mainly thanks to numerous natural antioxidants, goji seeds are so often used in production of anti-age cosmetics. What is their action?

  • Speed up epidermis renewal and provide hydration.
  • Support collagen and elastin production, which are essential to skin.
  • Calm irritations on problematic skin.
  • Strengthen, nourish, moisturise and make skin radiant.

Noni fruits – healing care

In the Polynesia regions, noni is believed to be healing plant. No wonder, it was proven that its impact on skin is invaluable. Mostly due to fact that in noni fruits can be found many of important to skin trace elements (e.g. magnesium, phosphorus), vitamins (C, B, A) and other nourishing ingredients. What are their benefits in skincare?

  • Ensure skin with vitality and visibly rejuvenate it.
  • Provide optimal hydration and softness.
  • Restore natural balance in skin cells.
  • Protect epidermis against harmful impact of stress and pollution.

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