Coriander oil – where to buy it and how does it affect the hair and skin

The cosmetic properties of coriander are known not only in Europe but also in Asian countries. The coriander oil pressed from its seeds belongs to the group of the strongest antioxidants. It is recommended especially in cases of increased hair loss. The substance decontaminates and cleanses the skin, regulates the level of sebum. What other cosmetic properties does coriander oil have? How should it be used to look forward to healthy and beautiful hair?

Coriander oil INCI: Coriandrum Sativum Seed Oil

What does coriander oil contain? [the composition of coriander oil]

  • unsaturated fatty acids (including mainly monounsaturated 82.3%) – prevent overdrying of the skin, protect against adverse external factors
  • natural antioxidants – they ensure good skin condition protecting it from damage
  • folic acid – regulates the processes taking place in cells, regenerates the skin and accelerates cell division, thanks to which the skin stays younger-looking and firmer for a longer time
  • beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, magnesium and vitamins A, C, B2 and K
  • Flavonoids – prevent premature aging of the skin
  • amino acids, including arginine – rebuild hair and skin
  • phytosterols (plant sterols) support the production of collagen and ensure its high level
  • linalool (a natural fragrance which in extreme cases can irritate the skin or have comedogenic effects)

Coriander oil – how does it affect the hair and skin? [cosmetic properties]

  • it has a bactericidal effect and disinfects the skin
  • it is the source of natural antioxidants – protects against oxidative stress
  • it inhibits the skin ageing process
  • it improves the condition of the skin and hair
  • it strengthens the bulbs and stimulates them to work
  • it regulates the level of sebum and inhibits excessive seborrhea of the scalp
  • it stops hair loss
  • it stimulates hair to grow
  • it improves the condition of dry and damaged hair
  • it regenerates hair and skin, provides a range of valuable vitamins and minerals
  • it prevents the loss of elastin and stimulates the synthesis of collagen due to the presence of phytosterols

Coriander oil for hair – how to use it for hair oiling?

  1. Wash your hair to clean it from cosmetic build up.
  2. Towel-dry gently.
  3. Start applying coriander oil: one tablespoon should be enough.
  4. First, cover the whole scalp with oil, gently massaging it to stimulate the bulbs to work
  5. Then, cover the whole length of the hair with oil – you only need a little bit of oil for that (it has to cover the strands, but not drip).
  6. Put on a shower cap or a towel and warm your head for a few minutes with warm air from the blow-dryer – the oil particles are activated under the influence of heat.
  7. Leave the oil in from several minutes to several hours (the longer, the better).
  8. Wash the coriander oil with a delicate shampoo (this may be a baby shampoo or anything that has no comedogenic substances).

Coriander oil in hair care – effects 

Thanks to regular hair oil treatment, your hair will become smooth and strong, shiny and full of vitality. The scalp will be cleansed – it will prevent the hair roots from being blocked by excess keratin (its excess tends to build up at the base of the hair, blocking its growth ), or a layer of cosmetics lying on the surface of the scalp. Hair will grow faster and become stronger.

Coriander oil – price 

The price of coriander oil is not excessive. Coriander is a widely occurring and generally available spice that feels good in almost all climate zones. Therefore, it is a widely cultivated plant. The price of the coriander seed oil is not high.

Coriander oil – where to buy it?

Coriander oil can be bought at almost every pharmacy, healthy food store and drugstore with natural cosmetics. It is worth noting whether it comes in a sealed bottle of dark glass – then it will stay fresh longer and will not go rancid.

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