5 THINGS so that your skin can be at its most beautiful

Beautiful skin? There is no magic spell that could make your skin instantly smooth and glowing. However, there are 5 things able to restore its beauty in a simple and effective way. Check out what we are talking about and introduce your skincare to new heights.

Every day, your skin is subjected to dryness, damage, irritation. Factors such as UV rays, dry air, toxins, and pollution, incorrect cosmetics have an unfavorable impact on the skin. Equally bad for it can be lack of any skincare whatsoever because when left on its own it quickly loses the hydration and suppleness. Can you do something about it?

Five things to make your skin beautiful

You just need to introduce your daily skincare routine to five things in order to deliver skin with all that it needs and coat it with versatile care. It’s easy!


First and foremost is hydration because it determines skin condition. If you fail to deliver your organism with the proper amount of water, your skin will be dull and dry patches will follow. We are not talking just a moisturizing cream or a face serum (where the champion is hyaluronic acid) but also about drinking enough water. It has a tremendous impact on the skin!


Once you delivered the water to the skin, you need a way to retain it and the best for this task are emollients creating the occlusive layer on the skin surface. The most effective emollients are cold-pressed and unrefined natural oils. You should use them after the face serum to lock in all the nutrients that you just delivered to the skin. Natural oils are an amazing replacement for cream because they not only retain water in the skin but also nourish it.


The most common reason for skin problems is incorrect skin cleansing. The residues of make-up, sebum, dust, and toxins clog pores and contribute to blackheads and acne. That is why multistep skin cleansing is so important and you should choose for it regular exfoliation with oil-based products (gets rid of the greasy mess) and micellar liquid.


Hardly anyone knows the importance of toner in skincare. This step is often skipped even though the skin balance is what determines its condition. Toner not only restores skin’s PH but also moisturizes and calms irritations that can be caused by, for example, an intense cleansing session.


The last thing on the list which is able to ensure you with beautiful skin is to protect it against harmful UV rays. It’s the main cause for photoaging of the skin and premature wrinkles. That is why you should protect yourself with oils and creams with UV filters, etc.