Skin care in winter: a few easy tips

Winter is coming… Frosty air, minus temperatures and harsh wind aren’t friends of your skin. Check how to take care of body and face skin to look beautiful and healthy all the time. Test some tried and tested tips, check popular products and find the best solution. Let’s start!skin-care-in-winter.jpg

What is harmful to your body and face skin?

Cold air, minus temperatures, snow and frost are the most damaging for delicate and sensitive skin. Air conditioning, dry air, hot water, improper clothes and not using skin care products – it is harmful as well. Effect? The skin gets rough, itchy, it is flaking and you can’t get rid of the feeling of tightness. What is more, you can experience broken blood vessels in winter. The vessels rapidly dilate and shrink due to sudden change of temperature. If their walls are weak, they start to break and so called spider veins appear.

Skin care in winter

Gloves and warm sweater aren’t enough. You must keep proper temperature in your room, regularly cleanse your skin and apply deeply moisturising products. Anything more? Remember to use a humidifier in the house – in this way, dry and hot air of the heater won’t harm your skin. You can buy special devices in stores with household appliance. You may as well use more traditional and cheaper methods. Put a wet towel or a ceramic dish filled with water on the heater.

Use cold and warm water alternately during bath. Keep in mind that hot water can severely harm your skin. It will cause dryness, speed up occurrence of wrinkles as well as burn the skin and make it red. Apply a deeply moisturising balm and face cream after every shower or bath. Massage the skin during application to improve blood circulation, firm the skin up and to relax.

Take care of the skin of face and hands. Your face and hands are most exposed to low temperature and cool wind in winter. Therefore, remember about gloves, moisturisers and regular exfoliation of dead skin cells. Thanks to such care, your skin will be smooth, moisturised and less prone to infections. Regularly use products with urea, hyaluronic acid, glycerol as well as enzymatic scrubs (if your face skin is sensitive and delicate) and fine-grained scrubs (if your complexion is normal, greasy or mature). Homemade masks (e.g. with linseeds, rolled oats and honey) will come in useful as well. Apply products with vitamin A and E. Your skin is going to be satisfied.

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